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aimless in wonder

22 June
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"loser weekends", abstract, accents, adam brody, argyle, bands, baysville!, bitterness, bliss, bonfires, boys, boys in bands, boys with shaggy hair, candy, cards, celine&scarlett, chat n' chew, clouds, concerts, coolness, diving, dogtown, doodling, driving, driving and taking pictures, drummers, eating, elephant, emo, emo boys, emotional, excuses, fight club, fish, fucking hot z-boyz, geeks, georgia nicolson, ghetto by the sea, grapes, guitar players, gum, harry potter, harrypotter.com, holly's cleverness, holly's dip, indie, jeans, john robinson, jokes, joy, jungles, laughing really hard, lillies, lip rings, lords of dogtown, losers, lovely days, magazines, making bracelets, mandy moore, marineland, mary-kate and ashley, memories, molly ringwald, mornings, movies, music, my town, nerds, ninja turtles, old records, our awesome pool parties!, peanut m&m's, perksofbeingawallflower, peter pan, pick up trucks, pictures, polka-dots, postcards, precious, rain, reading, red, retro, roads, sarcasm, saturday, seth cohen, shaggy hair, simplicity, skipping, sky, slang, sleeping in the rain, starlight, stars, strawberries, summer, sun, sunsets, suntanning, swearing, swimming, tanning, tattoos, the 50's, the 80's, the 90's, the atlantis resort, the brendon leonard show, the bridge, the cafe, the o.c., the silver fox, the summer spot, the travelling pants, the virgin suicides, the zoo, tinkerbell, turtles and fish, watching movies, watching tv, water, waterpark, weekends, wishing, yelling, z-boyz, z-girlz (aka us!)